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The other day, a dear friend proposed this idea. Classifying ourselves as very near to how asexual people are known to be, we discussed how many people in this world would want to spend nights just sleeping together with people like us — people who do not really have sexual impulses with the allowed proximity of bodies but without pre consented sexual allowance. Imagine you are in a room with a friend, you both are pretty tipsy (or not), one of you lies down on the bed after a while out of tiredness and casually calls the other one to join you, to perhaps ask them to stroke your hair, or to just come on the bed untying their shoes. The offer or the reason for the proximities of the bodies could be anything. You come close and this sudden urge arises — to touch them, kiss them, and perhaps to have sex with them.

We do not almost always have such impulses (and I don’t drink). She said how nice would it be for people to find people like us who wouldn’t give a chance to ruin a morning then spent in repentance. Then she asked the question, which sparked the title of this blogpost (she used this word in the WhatsApp chat conversation and I stole it) — would people pay for us kind of escorts to be with? I thought it was a brilliant idea. We are smart, intellectual, spiritual, we both have’ve had sex, so it’s not like we have no idea what it feels like (oh the sudden rush of pleasure!), we are poets, we write good if not great short stories, she’s an economist, I’m a software developer, we both meditate, we love unconditionally (literally), we listen raptly even to the most boring conversations, I’m very good with my hands over bodies and hair, I’m a good kisser and hugger ( i believe it is not a hug, unless embrace is at least as long as a minute ). I mean who would not want to be with us to just embrace and sleep with? So many people either go to their beds alone thinking if they had someone to be with, or they particularly do not like the person they are with. Some do, but many don’t.

She started asking her friends if they’d pay her to have her for the night to just peacefully sleep. Most of her friends said no, but then it’s not proper research done with friends now is it?

I like the idea of being a Gigolo. It would be a TREMENDOUS save of time (even if I’d have to perform sexually, I wouldn’t mind). Most of the times, I’d have to work at nights, and I’d have my entire day to myself (unless of course I’d be needed) to work on the ideas I’ve always had — about writing, about coding. If you know someone who’d hire me, please comment, I could really use a job 😅

When my dear friend read this article, and we had a conversation, she was so excited she went this far —

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