With Friends Like These

Songs to listen to while reading this: With Friends Like These, album by Bangalore based band Short Round Yesterday was a couple of lovely people’s birthday. Both of them my classmates and friends from childhood. Now, the thing about Nahan, where we all grew up together, is that roaming around on the roads and market with […]

The Eavesdropping Neighbour Aunty

We moved to a small two bedroom apartment (It’s total space is equivalent to an average one bedroom apartment). We have about 5 families in the neighbourhood. The people who live right next door, in a big bungalow, are the sneaky and clever ones. They are hideous, avoid confrontation, prevaricate to work around lies about […]

Just Around The Corner

It is a strange feeling. It’s a step yet it has so many infinitesimal sub-steps under it, so many if conditions applied to each one. I was just wondering what it’d be like to find places and roam around them. Especially if the places are in other countries. Meet people, spend nights in their rooms, […]

A Stranger Wrote To Me, I Wrote Back, She Replied Again!

There’s a writer’s community in a Delhi University’s College, called Tameer. Its members started a whopping initiative to ask on its facebook page for names of the persons who’d like to get a letter the old school way, in envelopes and pretty papers. They sent 300 letters in total, I gave ’em my name.

My letter was written by this lovely freshman named Shivangi Barman. I wrote back to her. I was the only one of the 300 who wrote back. She wrote me back, see for yourself!