A Blogpost Turned Poem, by Khawaja Musadiq

A week ago, I wrote When Family Becomes A Distant Memory. Khawaja Musadiq, a wonderful wonderful poet turned it into a poem, thousand times more beautiful. Although he doesn’t know the context and details I wrote the blog post in, nonetheless he wrote so beautifully. surviving on a bleak glimmer of h o p e , […]

Once, I

After Jane Hirshfield’s ‘Once, I’

Once, I
slept on the flowers of the night sky
worriless, shameless

Ifness, lunging, scaring.
I, cliffhanging,

a star, dead as its light,
its last,
hit on the neck-nape of time
of a bird of north,

or a lover so happy
cries, behind the eyes
being done for like
the neck photon