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I’m just another cartoon in this world. Beyond time and space is the self and its unborn and undying stories. The prophecy of the unknown insinuates that I was on this earth many times before 22 years ago. Welcome to the blog nobody knows about but you and me.

I code. I’m a TEDx speaker.

I blog tech at gdad-s-river’s blog. Here are my github, stackoverflow and hashnode profiles.

I share some of my poetry on yourquote and hellopoetry

I write quite frequently on medium, about stories, literature, JavaScript/tech/code, and other things too wide to categorize quickly.

I’m on twitter @gdad_s_river, on quora.

I write about things I learn about English as a language and as a medium of storytelling, as well as some quick musings on my tumbr blog Pooping Thoughts. If you feel like talking, I’m one tap/click and a few key strokes away on facebook.

I read books.