A Mountain Dream

Last night hailed thunderstorm from all over the places and directions, it was windy and later it got rainy. This morning, it was one of those mornings when the ceiling fan is not needed yet you still want it to rotate with the whirling of the winds that comes fresh after touching the mountains around. […]

Summer Dreams

Interminable sticky hug to a sheet or pillow
morning summer dreams, pseudo waking up,
Hammer of the sun, hitting the anvil,
a hard calloused hand trying to fight
the restlessness the heat irritates its cancer with.

I Ran After 1.5 Years And…

I was exhausted!

I played basketball for my college team. It’s not even a few miles close to what college basketball is in the US, but we had our passion for it. We had no coach, we didn’t have proper equipment from the college, but we had some stunning senior players on the team who kept the reign tight, made us run crazy. Our stamina could kill.

Flashback: My first basketball game, IIT Delhi, 5 years back,  first half nearing the end, I get my jersey stuck in the boundary fence wire and I swing like a 150-degree fulcrum while getting the ball back from the outside in a fit of energy. Needless to say everybody, including myself, had a hearty laugh.

I ran after 1.5 years today, like properly. Almost 6 km. And my lower back was gone, not out of pain. My lower back felt like a sponge that couldn’t be rigid and strong. No, it felt more like a flailing piece of slime jelly going blah blue bdu… (read flubber sounds)

There was a time when my little brother couldn’t outrun me because of his bronchitis breathing problem. Today I felt old! He just kept running in the morning lake wind. I had to stop at least 10 times to catch my breath, my lower back and my ankles. I felt parts of the body that I never knew existed. Here’s a general tip to myself or to you, at any point in time:

If you want to keep feeling healthy all the time, and not feel strange new body parts after years, run, and no need saying, progressively (ahhhhh! cramps).

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