The Eavesdropping Neighbour Aunty

We moved to a small two bedroom apartment (It’s total space is equivalent to an average one bedroom apartment). We have about 5 families in the neighbourhood. The people who live right next door, in a big bungalow, are the sneaky and clever ones. They are hideous, avoid confrontation, prevaricate to work around lies about […]

A Blogpost Turned Poem, by Khawaja Musadiq

A week ago, I wrote When Family Becomes A Distant Memory. Khawaja Musadiq, a wonderful wonderful poet turned it into a poem, thousand times more beautiful. Although he doesn’t know the context and details I wrote the blog post in, nonetheless he wrote so beautifully. surviving on a bleak glimmer of h o p e , […]

The First Time I Realised Pink Is Unisex

I can’t think of a particular demarcation line, the memory is too spread out and vague. But I can guess. First of all a background most of the boys go through, making fun of pink like it was worth it. Girls’ pink colored shoes, tops, the pre conspired assumption that girls are pink all. This is very common, especially when boys go unchecked when making fun of pink, enjoying deriding and dismissing it as Only Girls Like Pink. It is as baseless and preposterous as saying Real Men Don’t Cry. Believe it or not, if you are in a home/surrounding where this is not very common, you are privileged. That’s how common it is in many places including where I live.

The first time I sensed that I might be wrong was when I saw famous Bollywood actor Salman Khan wearing a shade of red/pink (I’m terrible at naming colors (even computers are bad at it)). Okay, that was obviously a joke, and I hate him and his acting (most of his films are intolerable). The first time was when I saw an Uncle (mother’s sister’s husband) wearing it on a regular office way. Trust me, I said to myself This isn’t really girlish at all! It looks so cool! 

From that day onwards I’ve marveled at this fact often, and have conquered more such unbearable and stupid biases. This was written with the prompt given by Daily Prompt! I hope I’m able to write more on the upcoming prompts! See ya!

PS: If you are a noncomputer guy/gal/them and you didn’t understand the even computers are bad at it joke, please comment and ask me and I’d be happy to tell!

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LOL ( Weekly (List of Lit) Things ) is a weekly curated newsletter containing literary articles, poems, spoken word performances, essays, blog posts, podcasts, even songs that I read/watch/listen in a week.

This is the era of browser tab disasters. The other day I saw a developer’s tweet about how a big number of opened tabs hung his computer, corrupted his file system, only after which he stopped using his browser tabs as a todo list.

We gulp web content like crazy. Get swayed away most of the times, lose ourselves in waves of hyperlinks, to find ourselves having wasted time like it was recyclable, because of which, the word commitment doubles its meaning. I’m here to help a little.

I will ease down some of your browser tab mania through a list of small numbered things that I read in a week so that you could enjoy them, and get back to work. Who has time in this world!

I have one more BIG REASON, why I started this.

If you’re game, or you play games, or if you don’t.

Okay, re-try.

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