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Father came for his 2 days training on Road Construction at IISC. I met him, we talked and walked after a long while. We joked about how it’s way too easy to mispronounce places in Bengaluru, hearing it from a Kannada speaker’s mouth, and still manage to convey the place by mispronouncing it to another Kannada speaker ( because they slang it in the same way ). The place where his hotel was is called Tharabanahalli, what he heard the bus conductor say? Taramanali 🤣. Tara, like star, in Hindi, and Manali is a popular tourist spot in Himachal Pradesh. I slow clapped for him 😆. It’s kinda like the fact that no one will ever know if our red is also the same hue visually as their red. It’s fascinating.

I remembered the time this had happened to me when I first came to Bengaluru 3 years ago. The place’s name was Hopefarm, what did I listen it was? Ho-pham(ho-fum),  and I managed to keep getting down to that stop just fine. It amazed me how people who sat beside me in the bus that first month, didn’t correct me. Perhaps they thought I was native Kannada speaker (Kannadiga) 😁.

We went to bed at around 12. He immediately started snoring. Having meditated regularly for about 2 months now, I had started observing change in my perception, observation and expression of all things — feelings, emotions, thoughts, the passage of time, how I talked, how people talked, people’s attention when I spoke, my attention when I listened, the tendencies of my mind, and immediately catching them, and seeing them dissolve, etc. etc… I had never been able to sleep if I wasn’t the first one to sleep, before he started snoring that is. I’d always have to get up to bring my headphones on, put them on, and sleep with the songs blaring through them into my ears all night. Last night, I just smiled out of no reason, I smiled at the fact that I was uneasy, I observed it, kept my attention to it, and in no time I was fast asleep. Amazing things happen when you observe and embrace and hug your problems. They either cease by two possible ways

  1. Problem literally ceases to exist.
  2. Problem ceases to be a problem because you stop seeing them as problems 😆, by just being with them, not seeing them as something bothersome. Transcendence happens.

Something similar happened a couple of days back, and I enumerated it over phone to Snehal while discussing a knowledge sheet — an order hadn’t been delivered by Swiggy. I called their customer executive and without any prior notice to even myself, raised my voice up in frustration. I surprised myself. Then as soon as I realised this, I calmed down to my normal polite voice, and Swiggy customer care executive showed surprise in his next words forming the next sentence. It was peaceful and exhilarating at the same time.