The Mcleo Accident

I went to a surprisingly less number of treks and trips when I was in college. Reasons (or excuses) being My classmates weren’t particularly adventurous, well most of them. The friends that were, never really asked me out for no other primary reason than my erratic responses. I’ll be completely honest. There were times when the […]

I Hit My Car While Reversing

A month or so ago, I wrote about a funny thing that happened on a traffic light: How a guy shoved his car into my car’s rear on a RED LIGHT. Today was special, because today I bumped my car into a wall of Garage while reversing it. Funny thing? I’d just washed it, and was putting it back in. It felt like that moment, when you’ve just done laundry, clothes are a little wet, but the wind decides against you and put ’em on the ground WHILE you are trying to put them over the rope.

I went to the showroom immediately, filled all the paper work for repair, got back home. My father is really cool in this matter. It’s his car I knocked off. I called him and he just said:

Just a word of advice for future, son, when you are not sure of the spaces around while reversing a car, just get down and take a look around.

Thanks Dad! For being so cool.

I’ll obviously pay the expenses on my own even though he’d suggest otherwise.

That’s it for now!