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There’s this common expression in India. When a person suddenly starts behaving unlike him/her/them in the manner that they aren’t very visible with on a daily basis — for example someone is very enthusiastic suddenly, or on a roll of doing things, or just happy — people tend to ask Tu kya khaake Aaaya/Aaayi hai aaj? (What did you eat today, that you are so cool / happy / funny / chirpy / enthusiastic?)

Little do we ever put attention to the fact that this sentence that we often use to exclaim the wonder of a change one is seeing in a person, it’s actually quiet true! Among all the things that affects the state of our minds — whether we are properly rested, aren’t on substance abuse, are happy, how we deal with stress, karma; food is one such thing!

Have you observed this? When we eat something — it gets digested quickly and easily and we feel easy in the body. When we eat junk we tend to slack, or become frustrated, or angry quickly without meaning to, or we just do not feel as good.

I just felt to write about this irony, since almost every Indian has at least once in their lifetime, used this phrase without pondering over the science behind it.