I Hit My Car While Reversing

A month or so ago, I wrote about a funny thing that happened on a traffic light: How a guy shoved his car into my car’s rear on a RED LIGHT. Today was special, because today I bumped my car into a wall of Garage while reversing it. Funny thing? I’d just washed it, and was putting it back in. It felt like that moment, when you’ve just done laundry, clothes are a little wet, but the wind decides against you and put ’em on the ground WHILE you are trying to put them over the rope.

I went to the showroom immediately, filled all the paper work for repair, got back home. My father is really cool in this matter. It’s his car I knocked off. I called him and he just said:

Just a word of advice for future, son, when you are not sure of the spaces around while reversing a car, just get down and take a look around.

Thanks Dad! For being so cool.

I’ll obviously pay the expenses on my own even though he’d suggest otherwise.

That’s it for now!


White Underwears Aren’t So Difficult

I had never had white underwears before. I was considerate and cautious after what had happened to all the white things that I ever owned, white shoes, white formal shirts, white G Shock watch (which I still wear after regular Colin scrubs). Since then, I’ve only purchased dark colored ankle shoes, and have stayed fairly away from the white shirts. Until, I purchased a pack of underwears from westside. I was in hurry, I had to go home and cook and sleep because I had to go to office early the next day. I picked up a pack of 3, in which I saw a dark blue and a black colored underwears. What I didn’t see was the white one, cooped up in the middle, invisble to a rushing naked eye.

I came home and I opened the pack asap (because all my other underwears were for washing), and I went whaaaaaaat! I thought of exchanging the pack with another for a split second, but because I’m a super lazy person, even when I had a bike and the westside showroom was like 1 minute bike ride away, I ate and slept.

It’s been two months and the white underwear has been performing super well, given I’ve public hair and there are unemployed days now that I don’t bathe for days at stretch in. I don’t know if it’s the cotton in it or what (I’m a terrible shopper), it gets clean so fast!

From now on white in underwears is A-Okay!

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