LOL Issue #12 — (7–13 May, ’17)


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LOL Issue #12 — (7–13 May, ’17)

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  1. Discovered: Hemingway’s 99-Year-Old Letters to His High School Crush
  2. Sex and the Sanskari Gynaec
  3. My mum, the pilot (in 1960s)
  4. The Nothingness of Watching Raindrops (Essay)
  5. Harnidh Kaur tries very gracious erotic poetry

    Harnidh is the author of her wonderful poetry collection The Inability of Words

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Sands of Time

A poet’s letters to his muse
found 99 years after his death
She, the stories behind the scenes
that he covered up in the lifelong
attempt, to give into writing.
I know he didn’t have an option.
I just wish the unaddressed letters
that I write and have written to people
reach them before any of us dies.

After recently discovered Ernest Hemingway’s Unsent letters to her unrequited love.