The Way I See It

The way I see it
I only have two options
one: to die with the secret
because father would never admit
that he has started smoking again.
two: that I confront it
and ask why, despite being
a heart patient for over 10 years.


Holes In Underwear, Middle Class Threshold, And Some Love Things

Read: and this : Snails, Day 1.5 – Santorini, Greece 2nd July, 2017 Alright now that the reading is done, I’ve some things to say about the things that you read in the title of this blogpost and some things that I found very relatable in both of these posts/experiences. I didn’t comment on the facebook […]

A Frightening Thought

Self Post This is actually very frightening that I think about the property value that my maternal grandfather will pass onto us on his death. I don’t want to take anything from that person. Even the ink pen that he gave me makes me want to throw it away on the road sometimes. But then […]