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Song to listen to while reading this — Society by Eddie Vedder

Being unemployed, especially when you are ‘educated’ and living in a society could be a nightmare. Not as much because of the lack of salary, but because of how people start seeing you suddenly — Loser oozing out of their eyes and head bobs and false nods.

Sanjay uncle is father’s old colleague. They used to work together at a different place from where father is now. I had to give father’s left over clothes to him, because Sanjay Uncle was going where he is now — in Shimla. As soon as he saw my face, my grown unkempt beard, my long scrubby hair, he scrunched his nose almost automatically, I can only guess, in disgust.

I only smiled and answered the same question over again, when someone at the back seat of the car Sanjay Uncle was sitting in the front of, asked me —

Beta, what you are you doing these days (which implicitly means, where’s your job at?)

I’ll remember Sanjay Uncle’s scrunched nose. Primarily because it was the first time I didn’t feel sorry for myself for how people saw me — A disgrace to his parents.

I also realised that that happened because I might have hit my lowest point of confidence and self-respect in years to come. So I’d not have anything to fear for quite a while.

To Sanjay Uncle’s lazy ass bald face scrunched nose I’d say — get on with it.