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About 5 days ago, I decided to not use Facebook and Instagram, my main source of wasting time since 2011. It’s difficult. I didn’t know I had this addiction. I’m constantly drawn and tempted to open these social networks more out of habit, and less out of anything else. It’s almost involuntary. I’d be typing something away, like this blog post, and my fingers would automagically hit command+ t to open a new tab and fb.com and hit enter. Of course, I’ve made myself clear that I’ll quit before anything loads on the page, so I do.

It’s also scary. At times when I would feel fidgety or scared of the uncertain, unknown future, I would be tempted to just madly and baselessly scroll through the social media feeds to keep myself acquired, so that I wouldn’t keep scratching the edge of my thumb or forefinger away. But that has started becoming harder — people are going aboard to study (the most unserious person I know got admitted to Carnegie Mellon, what the fuck is happening in the world) or to join jobs. I get jealous and or wistful. Then I wouldn’t be able to handle it and then I’d quit the browsing session anyway. So I thought what’s the point of going there at all.

I read 100 pages of a book in the last two days, quite quick from my standards. I take months to complete even an average 350 pages book. So far so good 👍.