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  1. I intended to re write a story for an amazon kindle competition.
  2. I couldn’t because I had given my laptop to repair. Amount of ideas, sentences, dialogues, narrations and situations coming in my mind >> speed of my long hand. Hence I needed a keyboard to type with.
  3. A week goes by, I borrow my father’s laptop, rush to write down what I had in mind to meet the deadline that was that night.
  4. In a parallel and stupendously architected orchestration, a junior friend designs a cartoon cover page — because participants were supposed to publish the story on Kindle Direct Publishing platform.
  5. She completes the cartoon cover in niche time, I barely complete the story at 11:30 pm.
  6. I start enrolling on the kindle direct publishing platform. It demanded a long form submission for tax purposes.
  7. I read the story one more time, still finding narration timeline errors. I decide this story deserved a better edit. I decided to not publish.
  8. I read the story again. I then read the first draft of the same story, I pat on my backs, crinkle my eyes, cheeks and forehead in a Yes! That’s it.
  9. I liked the story I’d written. Now I’m going to improve the ending more, because it deserves more plot and a better ending than just the rabbit being chased off by a dog in the middle of a conversation with a boy.
  10. Deadlines are good. Note to self — make your deadlines stick to them, that’s how you are going to become a good, if not great, writer.