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Last night I had a horrid dream. Bone shaking me to my core, I have never had such a sweaty nightmare ever before. I dream very less (if I do, I don’t remember most of them). Last night’s -mare ingrained in my memory very starkly. Details need too much background information about my family members. So I’ll start from when the nightmare ended and I woke up. I woke to the end of mumbling that I saw myself saying in the dream.

No, paa(dad), no… (trying to tell that it wouldn’t happen so as the witches are trying to do)

I woke up all sweating to find that power backup had failed, and there was no electricity in the house. The fun part is, that I realised this after I tried to turn a tube light on. I couldn’t, and then I realised what was up, I got more scared. There was also a big mirror right in front of me, I couldn’t dare look into it.

I came back to bed and found my cell phone, turned on the flashlight on. I kept it on and to distract my mind, started scrolling through my Instagram feed. That is when I realised, that the time on the clock of my cell phone was stuck at 4:17am, for about 5 minutes. I freaked out. I tried to turn the flash light off, wouldn’t happen. I freaked out more.

3 minutes, I kept trying to prove myself that I wasn’t in a dream anymore, but I couldn’t do it. I didn’t have a list of factors which would prove it that way. It’s really really astonishing to me that the thing that I had been writing poems about, I actually got to unintentionally experience and in the most dreadful way.

When I finally managed to turn the flash light off, the clock jumped to 4:23am. My mobile had simply hung on me.

I tried not to laugh aloud because my brother was sleeping beside me. That was it.