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An Ode To Socks (Mountain Version)

Previously I wrote an ode to socks on a prompt. It highlighted the fact that I reuse socks after they stop stinking about a week or so later, and ultimately throw them out. Here have a read:

#socks #yopowrimo #ode #funny My brother and I are going to sing this and share soon šŸ˜‰ AN ODE TO MY SOCKS My socks come in three pairs after I've exhausted my limit to wear the socks over and over again. My socks, alternate between pairs without washes. One starts stinking, it rests for the time it stops reeking After 15 days it's as good as new until the day its foremost part is as hard as a tuft of jute fibres. I laugh at myself when I throw them out, and then I feel like a waste of time ( Silent self snigger šŸ˜ ) Follow my writings on @YourQuote.in #yourquote #quote #stories #ttt #qotd #quoteoftheday #wordporn #quotestagram #wordswag #wordsofwisdom #inspirationalquotes #writeaway #thoughts #poetry #instawriters #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writersofindia #igwriters #igwritersclub

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This is another ode to socks, inspired by the events that happened on a difficult 30km mountain trek in the rains:

You failed
not waterproof
you allowed water
to fall into
feet bottom skin

Lucky we had
enough of you
we juggled you
in the leaky shoes
that were
no good either

Next time
you’ll be worn
inside trek shoes
so that
you wouldn’t have to
taste the marshy
stink of feet bottom
the premonition
of possible fever



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