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Why We Tell Stories
From the Ancient Sanskrit Terse Texts to Modern Day Gossips

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We are going for a one day trek in the mountains, moderate climb, tents and all. While in the way to get my cousins from Chandigarh, me and my brother saw a drunk man, beaten to lethal sleep by passing out from excessive drinking. His legs were reaching the road on a blind curve, that if a driver of a car was even slightly off attentions while making that turn, his legs would have been no more. But no one was helping him get up a little and get him off the road!

We initially passed by him, but then I reversed the car a hundred yards, shook him up and got him off the road. On asking if he had eaten something or if he was hungry, he couldn’t respond. He was still heavily sedated by inebriation, eyes super red. He mumbled something inaudible, but it sounded like

Peena, peena (I want to drink, I want to drink)

I thought, he was asking me to get him more alcohol, but when I asked repeated asked him if he was asking for more, I heard the right thing he was requesting for

Paani Paani (Water, Water). 

We had a bottle of water in our car, my brother got out and gave it to him. He was too off to instantly understand that he had just been given water. As we started the drive again, we looked back, he had opened the bottle’s cap and started drinking. We felt a little relieved.


While I was driving my car down hill 5 kms, I was busy setting up the mirrors to my comfort due to which I was driving very slowly. A bike guy with a girl pillion riding was constantly honking from behind. They had enough space to pass by to overtake, they didn’t, they couldn’t. When I reached below and took a halt at my destination, he said

Bhai saab pele car chala seekh lo (Hey man, please learn to drive the car first)

to which the girl sitting back added

pta ni kya karna chahta hai ye (I don’t know what this crazy guy want to do)[with a angry frown]

I got really furious as soon as she said this, I leaned out of my car window and wanted to say something. Shout perhaps. I couldn’t even mumble and after this failure, I put my head back in. I kept being angry, and slowly this anger turned towards self doubt

Was  I really driving bad?

And that obsessively converted into a reason why everything I do never go successful. From 0 to 120 seconds, I had managed to get a volcano of anxiety erupt. Then I really it started calming down. And when I was calm again, I thought what I’d have really shouted if I should have

Alright buddy, will do! Thanks for the suggestion! All the best to you, do good in life! May your ways be auspicious! 


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