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A House where the adjacent master bedroom to the kitchen has a big window at the top for supposed ventilation. That means that I can’t go into the kitchen late in the night and find something to eat or drink water impromptu because Mum’s room will get illuminated with almost cold twilight of the kitchen tube light. I have to go to the toilet even when I do not really have to pee. It’s kinda like this:


There is an India style toilet outside of her room but the patience and effort one needs to unbolt it without any screeching sounds: beyond measure. I have to plan brushing my teeth, getting a filled water bottle, pick something to eat, all before mum has to sleep.

Since it’s a basement flat at the bottom of a mountain contour, there are mosquitoes, LOTS of them. I constantly stumble in the meagre spaced pathways, which is basically all the space that is left after everything is set and arranged in their respective places. It’s like an old bookstore, aisles are as narrow as the distance between your feet.

Internet is sort of a mess, which otherwise runs well in the places which are a little beneath the open sky.

Yeah that’s it.