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I’m not a country music expert. But from the country music that I’ve listened to, from Keith Whitley to Keith Urban, I’ve personally loved what Kacey Musgraves writes and the music that is produced over those lyrics (or vice-versa). For about an year I had her My House song both as a caller and alarm ringtone. Needless to say neither did I receive calls very much, nor did I wake up (and instead slept more deeply).

Today, my Massi (mother’s sister) called me and I didn’t pick up, because the cell phone was in other room and I didn’t hear the soothing mouthorgan and guitar playing. She reproofed me after perhaps 10 years (I’m 22). Hence I set onto changing my ringtone and alarm tone once and for all. I chose opening Lego Batman Metal Song

Now I’m getting alarmed at every phone call I’m receiving. Bye Bye Kacey Musgraves, see you just while coding.