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LOL Issue #13

This is LOL 🤣, Weekly List of Lit issue #13! You can know about what this curation is and why I started it, here.


  1. You want to read the previous curations
  2. Want to get notified when the next week’s curation of good literary/arty links is up, in your email inbox,

you can follow LOL: Weekly List of Lit Medium Publication. AlsoThe exciting part is that you can help me curate using LOL Link Sharer Google Extension I made. You can read about how to use it here and install it here.


This week’s links:

  1. The Ongoing Partition: What Happens When You’re Both Indian and Pakistani
  2. Smoke, a poem by insta user noelle_prose
  3. Graduation and being a mom. A wonderful account of single mother getting an education while raising a child, a child who spent 3/4 years on Virginia Tech’s Campus.
  4. Choosing, a poem by hellopoetry.com user brooke.
  5. Binary, a poem by Mason Jay

You can read each of these either on theorijinal.com or on LOL Medium Publication.

Stay tuned for this week’s curation on Saturday IST! On both of the above sources. To get updates, follow theorijinal on wordpress (they have some stunning curation of music every week, you’ll be blown away) or follow the medium publication to get the curation in your email every week!


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