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I’m on a motorbike a lot. I’ve my father’s Royal Enfield (a.k.a Bullet a.k.a Bullt (Punjabi folks would understand)), and I’ve a Yamaha Fazer. This noon when I got out to run some errands, I found an unusual lot of people on their two wheelers with their headlight on during the daylight. I get irritated with a couple of things too much. One is

This,sort or this ,sort of incorrect comma punctuation.

And the other is people forgetting to switch off their headlights at night. I’ll spare what I do in the former. In the latter I signal people with a blinking gesture of a hand insinuating that their headlight is on. Sometimes they catch what I intend with the hand gesture sometimes they don’t. Today NOBODY did. Instead they took my gesture as a sign of an acquaintance having just recognised them, and in their complete and utter apparent memory failure, they waved me back in the fleeting time. I laughed my ass out on the bike when this happened for the third time in a span of an hour. 😂

So that’s that. If you have written something that you’re wanting people to read, I’d love to be one of them. Shoot your link in the comments!