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My mum married at 22. She has some of my childhood photographs but no video. So she, my brother and I revisit my mischiefs by the mimics my mother emulates from when I was small. This one time, mum came home tired after school (she’s a high school physics teacher). She mimics how I kept poking her to play Ringa Ringa Roses with her and some other jabber I couldn’t comprehend when she was mimicking me.

She pampered me by convincing me that I’d be a good boy if I was to let her sleep for an hour. She pointed at the clock and tried to explain to me when I’d have to wake her up, making me understand the position of the smallest hand in the clock.

Mother: I don’t know how you calculated what you did, and it makes no common sense, but you woke me up 5 mins later saying “Mumma Mumma Ari baba (me) good boy ban gya”. 

She said she was so tired that she had fallen asleep the moment she laid over the bed. So when I woke her up she had lost the sense of passage of time in that waking moment. She had believed it had been a hour although she said she felt really tired. Until she saw the clock. She said I was literally pulling her eye lids up to wake her.

That’s it!