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What You Wear Can Make You Feel Less Fat

Okay, before I forget I’ve had an idea. Instead of

Smell cat, smelly cat, what are they feeding you

I’ve to write a song with the same tune and rhythm for belly fat!

It’s been a two years since I stopped playing college basketball. I recently came back from my Nani’s (maternal grandmother) place. In India, it’s not even a speculation anymore, it’s a fact that when you came back from your Nani’s, you are going to be a little healthier. 2 years of not playing basketball and eating significantly more junk + these 3 weeks at Nani’s and my tummy was significantly out, to the point where if you are standing straight and you bend your head down you aren’t able to see your toes anymore.

I’m a lean guy. Belly fat on a lean guy, at least for me, looks preposterous. So it’s been three days that I’ve been going running again properly. It’s surprising to me, that I don’t even have half of the stamina I used to have. I also started body weight exercises because only running isn’t going to get my belly fat out in the air (that’s what I felt, I might be wrong, tell me if I’m!). I’ve given myself time till September to get my belly flat and perhaps start showing shapes of ab muscles (I’m not going to a gym). Commitment rules!

This was not what I originally intended to write about :D. I’ll do that now. When you have belly fat, and especially if it’s newly discovered you find yourself constantly looking in the mirror, trying to figure out if it’s apparent that much, the much that mirror is showing you in the form of your upper’s cloth’s bulge. It turns out, trying different types of clothes can help you not be conscious anymore! Yesterday I’d wore comparatively tight check shirt, tummy was tumma. Today I wore a loose casual shirt, and it’s all okay! Yay! But seriously, gotta get it off.


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