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What is Yoga ? Yoga is "Chitta Vritti Nirodha". Anything that frees the mind from it's five modulations . Fantasising, Wanting to prove/disprove, Lack of understanding, dwelling in past memories and sleep. The mind is in either one of these modulations throughout the day. What happens when the mind is freed from these five clutches ? It settles down within in it's own self, which is nothing but the source of joy, source of enthusiasm, everything. When the mind is freed from these five clutches, Yoga comes as a happening, yoga is said to have happened ! Next will talk about how can the mind be freed from these clutches. #yoga #yogasutra #yogachallenge #yogawomen #yogamen #silence #serene #instagramaz #sedona #arizonalove #yogafit #healthyliving #discipline

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