We Sometimes Marry Our Relatives

I was coming back to home from the market after purchasing a box of curd, when it dawned on me. No wait… (Ziiiiizz zzziiip… (the sound of rewinding)). It wasn’t when I was walking back that is dawned on me. It had started dawning on me when I saw the picture of my mother’s paternal grandfather, in my Nani’s (my maternal grandmother) room. He looked like this:


So, that was it. I had just got to know my great grandfather’s identity, after years of not really asking anyone who this person hanging on the wall was. As I was bringing the curd back home, this thought extend to this possibility. My great grand father must have had her brothers and/or sisters. I do not know where their lineage went. I think Mum would have her doubts about people’s whereabouts as well. This gap of ancestral root keeps furthering out. As we all know, this world is a small place. As bleak a chance it sounds to bump into an old college or high school friend / acquaintance, it keeps happening from time to time, no matter if that time is over a span of gap. So, my point is, that there is a significant possibility that we might marry a person who is part of our ancestry, which is not that big a deal. But it was astonishing for a second in my head. The finality of an ancestral line ending in a marriage! Or a fight, or make outs, or just glances across a commute or something. Now that’s Sonder!

Daily Prompt: Final

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