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Today a very strange thing happened. Today was my little brother’s entrance exam for a University (unlike America for example, not all universities admit people on a centralized exam like SAT, GMAT or GRE). In India, at least for engineering admissions, there are ton loads of exams (which I’m superbly against, I want my brother to take a gap year and explore options, things, meet people, let’s see).

As it turned out, the exam was scheduled the day before yesterday and both of us had assumed from the time the entrance exam form was filled that it was on 12th May (today). As soon as I dropped bro at his center, an adamant pigeon (so I thought) sat on the front windshield. I shooed it a couple of times but it just wouldn’t fly away. I thought as soon as I’d start the car, it would fly away. Guess what, it didn’t! Instead, it sat more comfortably, almost as if it was enjoying the wind at 50 kmph. Right at the center of the windshield, like a boss. I thought of testing my driving skills by clicking a photo while I was driving. Thankfully I didn’t and I stood the test of time to be able to be writing this blog post.

I sensed it was intelligent than others, but I couldn’t ever be sure. I was midway back to home when my brother called and told me to come back not telling yet that the exam date had passed by 2 days. I thought there was some problem, that they weren’t letting him in for some reason. As soon as I took the U-turn, it flew away! Just like that!

It could be a complete coincidence, but such things have happened so so many times in my mere 22 years old life that it’s hard to dismiss it as such. I didn’t come to a conclusion for if it was a mere coincidence or a beautiful synchrony of events in time connected to each other. I rushed back to find that there was no exam. We both laughed about it, came back and drank some coke and ate ice cream.