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The First Time I Realised Pink Is Unisex

I can’t think of a particular demarcation line, the memory is too spread out and vague. But I can guess. First of all a background most of the boys go through, making fun of pink like it was worth it. Girls’ pink colored shoes, tops, the pre conspired assumption that girls are pink all. This is very common, especially when boys go unchecked when making fun of pink, enjoying deriding and dismissing it as Only Girls Like Pink. It is as baseless and preposterous as saying Real Men Don’t Cry. Believe it or not, if you are in a home/surrounding where this is not very common, you are privileged. That’s how common it is in many places including where I live.

The first time I sensed that I might be wrong was when I saw famous Bollywood actor Salman Khan wearing a shade of red/pink (I’m terrible at naming colors (even computers are bad at it)). Okay, that was obviously a joke, and I hate him and his acting (most of his films are intolerable). The first time was when I saw an Uncle (mother’s sister’s husband) wearing it on a regular office way. Trust me, I said to myself This isn’t really girlish at all! It looks so cool! 

From that day onwards I’ve marveled at this fact often, and have conquered more such unbearable and stupid biases. This was written with the prompt given by Daily Prompt! I hope I’m able to write more on the upcoming prompts! See ya!

PS: If you are a noncomputer guy/gal/them and you didn’t understand the even computers are bad at it joke, please comment and ask me and I’d be happy to tell!

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2 thoughts on “The First Time I Realised Pink Is Unisex

  1. Haha, yay! somebody asked *excited drum roll finish*. So the visible spectrum of colors right, from Violet to Red, is a continuous streak of indiscernible colors, like a gradient, no distinguishing line from one particular color to another. Say the spectrum is printed on a piece of paper, the smallest point that one can make will correspond to a particular color (more exactly another gradient spectrum, reason ahead). Since there will always be a possibility of point drawn with even more smaller diameter, there will always be more number of colors. Hence there are in fact infinite colors.

    Computers do not have an infinite memory to store all the colors. So they have to do some smart trade-offs and approximations. Instead of a range of 0 to ∞, computers can understand a definitive number of colors (16,581,375 to be exact).

    So what I mean by the pun was, even computers do not have the statistical power to know all the colors.

    Hope I made you understand what I meant! If I didn’t, I’ll try to explain again 🙃


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