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You dear boy are not shy,
you do not reverse yourself at the back
of a room or a conversation, no.
You are just a little too patient,
and sometimes a little too impatient,
like little, innocent kids are,
and that is alright provided
that you keep listening.

You’ll find lavish and spendthrift
clocks, ticking their time in their
gold-laden surfaces without
really measuring themselves.

You are a little gullible,
and I hope that you
make your own ways, stand up
for your values, fight ignorance
with the highest knowledge,
you gain, you fight, you loose,
you stand up again, you ask for your
purpose on earth and you keep
asking why you’re doing what you’re.

May time make you more decisive
and take care of your health.
May your ways be auspicious,
my dear boy.