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So I was driving (that is what I’ve been doing majorly, after quitting my job). I stopped at a traffic light, moved as it turned green. When I passed by the front row, I saw a woman holding up the space to go forth for the entire midlane. She was most certainly a newly learnt driver. But the column of cars behind her just madly honked like their lives depended on whether they’d be able to cross this traffic light in this very green light time.

When I saw this, I immediately brought my window pane down, and shouted

No worries! You take your time, let them honk!

In complete contrast to this was NYPS (National Youth Poetry Slam), where if a poet lost his track of thoughts of the poem, or completely got frightened of the forgetfulness, audience would cheer so loudly for them until they’d have remembered their poem back. This was one of the, and I have to use the bold uppercase here, MOST AMAZING scenes of all time.

I’ve written more about NYPS in the article : NYPS 2016 Through My Listening Eyes