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Indian Mothers, Their OCD Towards Cleaning, And the Aftershocks

If you are an Indian, you might not need to read this blog post. Chances are you would have mentally hi-fied me by now. A mental hi-fi back to you too. For those of you who might not know what I’m referring to. Here you go.

Indian Mothers are die hard cleanliness fans, so much so, that they would deny it being called an OCD. If I said to my mum,

Why do you need to place those keys a little towards the left than in the center?

she’d just get back to me with her big eyes staring, expecting, insinuating that I should know the reason for it. And if I don’t, I’m a big big failure. If I keep the stare for long, she’d counter attack my argument by cataloging all the recent instances where she caught me red-handed for a filthy room, or laundry clothes scattered around, or a thing missing, and before I’d know it, I’d have been told what’s wrong with the things I do, why it’s absolutely not worth it to leave the house to me and my brother. You get the idea.

The biggest aftershock of a verbal beating like that is, that whenever I’d forget to do a thing that was asked by her, I would plunge in the shame, when I’d see my mother do that task right in front of your eyes, mumbling things I’d want to bury in a deep hole somewhere.

The aftershock of a cleansing drive is: I will invest time in finding the things that now have been repositioned to the places I could never expect them to be.


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All Blog Posts’ P.S: English is my second language, and I do not write well in my first (Hindi). While reading my blogposts, if you find a sentence or paragraph that can be written in a better way, or find any grammatical mistakes, please feel free to suggest them in the comments. I’d really appreciate it. And you are awesome!



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