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Dimples Of Venus

I’ve hair on my bums, very thin layer. I like them. Women tend to like swaying when their hands are on them. It was embarrassing the first time, it wasn’t anymore after. The hair reaches up till a little portion of the lower back. My bums are my private property resting peacefully under my pants and underwear when I’m outside. My lower back however, isn’t always. For example when I go swimming.

Recently I took my brother’s trimmer (I’m so lazy I didn’t get my own all these years), and removed it, and I found two most amazing things in the world: Two Dimples of Venus. They are stark! I wish I could put pictures of them, but I wouldn’t, because I only write in this world and I don’t post pictures. Somehow, they at least tend to overcome my jealously for boys and men with cheek dimples who are swooned over.

Falling Parrot Coloured Leaves

I was sitting in a car waiting half a day after dropping my little brother to school. I was scorched in the sun even though it’s winters, dirt was pouring from open windows like Holi colours being thrown by mischievous Indian kids in the streets which are still recovering from the paints of last year’s colour season.

I was writing a tech article for a couple of friends’ viral website, when the tree above me, relieved itself of parrot coloured, glowing in the dusky sun leaves that fainted on the car’s windshield. And this one, just this one, left his last breath out on my sweat shirt. I was seeing all these leaves resting in peace with me, and I felt like smiling. I did, and then I closed my eyes, savouring their presence, like sleeping with your dog, or with a woman in the arms of whom you feel safe and sound.

Those slightly rusted, parrot coloured leaves comforted me even after their death. There was a certain closure in the fact that they were staring at me breathlessly, telling me that they are just in a cycle, that they’ll be soon revived in the soil and relive. Or for the best, they’ll be fossilised, the equivalent of a long peaceful dust and fuss free hibernation, their liberation.

All Blog Posts’ P.S: English is my second language, and I do not write well in my first (Hindi). While reading my blogposts, if you find a sentence or paragraph that can be written in a better way, or find any grammatical mistakes, please feel free to suggest them in the comments. I’d really appreciate it. And you are awesome!